Charitable Gift Planning

We work with you to devise plans for accomplishing charitable gift-giving goals. Our scope includes assisting our clients with the planning, preparation and implementation stages of charitable trusts, private family foundations, public charities and donor-advised accounts as well as structuring outright lifetime charitable gifts. We often design the legal structure of a private family foundation to allow and encourage “perpetual” family involvement, so that family members from successive generations can be involved in the operation of the family foundation. We believe that such multigenerational charitable endeavors increase a family's overall “wealth” by fostering family commitment centered around a common good, a benefit quite apart from the income tax charitable deduction which may result from the funding of a foundation. We also assist with tax matters associated with charitable gift-giving including unrelated business income tax, income tax implications of charitable gift giving, private foundation excise taxes, excess benefit penalty taxes, and the preparation of annual tax returns.