Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning

We emphasize a comprehensive and objective approach in the development of estate and wealth management plans for high-net-worth individuals, couples and families. We work with you through the estate planning process on a highly personalized basis in order to equip you to make informed decisions regarding the distribution of your wealth.

We work to achieve a balance between both meeting tax objectives and effectuating the desired disposition of your estate assets. We help you evaluate the estate planning options that may best suit your needs, goals and objectives, and then build a highly personalized estate plan around those needs, goals and objectives.

Every estate plan starts with three cornerstones. The first cornerstone is the Will or Revocable Living Trust which details your intentions regarding the disposition of your assets. The second cornerstone is a Durable Power of Attorney with Health Care Provisions, which allows for the administration of your assets and directs the administration of your health care in the event of your disability. The third and final cornerstone is the Physician's Directive. This document allows you to state your intentions regarding end-of-life health care issues and your intentions regarding the prolonging of your life through artificial means.

Beyond the cornerstones, we explore other estate and wealth transfer planning techniques that best suit your personal desires and circumstances. If you are considering the role of charitable planning in your estate plan, your plan may include establishing a charitable trust, forming a private foundation or the use of charitable gift annuities. We address the role of gifting assets to younger generations through the use of family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and trusts. Our planning also takes into consideration retirement plan assets, the role of life insurance and how your assets should be titled. Individual circumstances may dictate that we address issues regarding long-term care planning, disability, and other eldercare issues for you or another family member. Additionally, we consider issues regarding asset protection, the role of business succession in the estate plan, the benefits of certain types of trusts and caring for family members with special needs.

We believe the best estate plans leave you in control of income and allow for your enjoyment of assets during your lifetime while minimizing the ultimate estate tax due on your death. The overall plan should provide a mechanism for management and stewardship of assets in the next generation. We help you achieve your estate planning goals with an understandable plan which clearly dictates your intentions both during life and after death.