Financial Planning

What kind of retirement lifestyle will your assets support? Is "early retirement" achievable? Are you making "smart" choices regarding your company's compensation, option and retirement plans? Do you honestly know how well your portfolio is performing and whether you are on track to achieve your goals? These are all questions we help our clients answer.

Compared to twenty years ago, when retirement benefits were largely fixed and underwritten by employers, most employees today have responsibility for their own accounts and their own investment decisions. Like virtually every business or investment process, a family's financial plan requires effective management in order to obtain favorable outcomes. Now more than at any time in recent years, adaptability and reassessment are essential: careers change, markets change, as do the fortunes of one's employer. It is more important than ever to set individual financial goals, and make decisions and choose investments that work toward achieving those goals. Equally important is the need to periodically monitor your investments and evaluate their performance.

We can help assess where you are financially, build a financial forecast, establish reasonable goals and make decisions consistent with your objectives. You will have better assurance that you are taking the steps necessary to provide for you and your family, both now and in the future.

Our financial planning services cover a wide range of areas, such as:

  • In-depth financial forecasting
  • Cash-flow analysis and debt management
  • Retirement planning, including a needs analysis and capital sufficiency
  • Educational funding
  • Advising on alternative investments, like real estate partnerships or hedge funds
  • Single-stock risk and tax-sensitive diversification strategies
  • Stock option planning and alternative exercise strategies
  • Utilization of deferred compensation arrangements
  • Charitable gifting strategies
  • Life insurance needs analysis
  • Techniques to safeguard wealth from creditors