Investment Advisory

For many people, the process of investing seems a bewildering array of investment products and providers. With more choices comes a greater need to understand your investment opportunities and their inherent risks.

Strategic investing requires having a plan designed around your personal situation and overall financial goals. The process begins by helping you develop this strategic plan, sometimes called an investment policy statement. This statement describes your current financial situation, in addition to your long-term goals and a time frame for achieving them. An investment policy helps you stay the course and avoid reactive, emotional moves that can damage your overall performance.

An investment policy determines, quantifies and prioritizes your financial objectives by considering issues such as:

  • Cash-flow and liquidity needs
  • Tax situation
  • Desired level of return to meet your goals
  • Tolerance for risk and volatility
  • Time horizon
  • Asset class preferences
  • Regulatory issues

The next step is helping you determine the optimal allocation of your assets across various asset classes—domestic large and small capitalization equities, foreign equities, real estate, and fixed income. Striving for the highest risk-adjusted return is thought to be the most efficient form of investing. We help you select an asset allocation that reflects the highest expected return for a given level of risk tolerance.

Your investment goals guide us in identifying mutual funds and separate account managers by considering factors such as:

  • Performance (recent, historical, and in various market cycles)
  • Investment styles and philosophies
  • Fees and account sizes
  • Tax efficiency
  • Fund size and diversification within the fund
  • Adherence to stated objectives and style
  • Continuity of management

Continued monitoring and review of your portfolio is critical to successful long-term investing. We provide periodic reviews of your portfolio's performance to determine whether your goals and objectives are being met or whether adjustments are necessary to take into account new situations. These reviews include detailed performance reports highlighting:

  • Portfolio cash flows
  • Individual manager and fund performance analysis against identified benchmarks
  • Current asset allocation compared to your target allocation
  • Overall portfolio return versus weighted benchmarks

RAUPC provides these services from an objective viewpoint. We have no financial interest in the choices we present to you or in the decisions you make. Consequently, we offer you and your family a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of your financial needs and investment alternatives.