Business Entity Selection

The selection of a proper entity to conduct your business operations requires a great deal of thought, objectivity and planning. Taxation of the business entity and its owners, minimization of liability, management structure, business succession strategies and other matters all play into the mix regarding what type of business entity best serves the needs of the business and its owners. We provide you with a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages involved in the selection of a particular business entity. The structuring of a business entity plays an important role in determining the taxability of the business entity itself, as well as the after-tax cash flow of the business owners. Additionally, the selection of a business entity plays a significant role in regards to planning for the continuation of a closely held business across time. Your business plans should take into account potential family wealth planning issues, as they may affect your particular choice of business entity structure. Our holistic approach towards planning integrates your personal and financial objectives with those necessary in planning for the structure of your business.